May 2014 – List of Food Festivals

If you are looking for something fun and interesting to do in May, why not attend a couple of these food festivals and events.


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List of May 2014 Food Events and Festivals.

1. May 3rdArtisan Cheese Fair – There will be many cheese makers from all over the British Isles. Plus, you will have a chance to taste many types of cheese and learn about how cheese is manufactured. For more on this festival please visit the Artisan Cheese Fair website.

2. May 3rdMunchies on the Meadow – There will be food and drinks from local retailers, businesses and producers. Plus, there will be food tastings and much more. Please visit the Munchies on the Meadow 2014 website for more information.

3. May 10thChorley Food Festival – There will be food, drinks and entertainment during this event. Plus, many chefs will be giving cookery demonstrations. Please visit the Chorley Food Festival website for more information.

4. May 17thDevizes Food & Drink Festival – There will be many fun events going on during the festival. Please visit Devizes Food & Drink Festival 2014 website for more information.

5. May 17thRacing Rocks – There will be many activities and attractions directed to all ages during this event. Plus, food, drinks and entertainment. For more information please visit the Racing Rocks website.

There are many other upcoming May food events and festivals, to see check them out please visit this food festival 2014 website.

Mark Your Calendar, February 20th and 21st is the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival


Don’t forget to mark your calendar, February 20th and 21st is the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival. As you all know, its wintertime, but it really wouldn’t be winter without these remarkable festival. Many say this event is the best seafood and wine festival in the Northwest, which means a lot, right?

newport seafood and wine festival

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This event takes place at South Beach Marina in Newport, Oregon. This event has been happening since 1978 and attracts people from all over the world. It offers fun, food and wine for all to enjoy during the event.

There are a few new changes this year, a few are listed below:

First, there will be no general admissions on Saturday. However, there will maybe standby tickets available after 1p.m., but this depends on capacity. Tickets for Saturday will be sold through E-tickets only and there will be 2 e-ticket lines to help our guests enter the event.

Second, You must be 21 years old or older to enter this event and have a proof of Id.

Third, Parking is available at the event site for $5.00.

Fourth, Free shuttle buses will go on a regular schedule from the downtown Newport to major hotels.

Fifth, The event is a non-smoking site and is handicap accessible.

Contact for more information.

Hope you have a great time.

Love Grilled Cheese, Check Out This Delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Everybody that I know loves grilled cheese, it is a comfort food that is great to eat all year long, especially during the chilly months of winter. If you love eating this remarkable sandwich, check out this delicious grilled cheese sandwich recipe.



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Modern American Grilled Cheese



6 Tablespoons of butter

20 ounces of cheddar cheese, extra sharp, use 16 ounces shredded, 4 ounces sliced

16 slices of sourdough bread, large slices

4 Tablespoons of Dijon Mustard

8 ounces of Monterey Jack cheese, get shredded, if possible




Cook sausages in large skillet, turning them once, cook until they are browned, This should take about eight minutes. After they brown, transfer them to a plate and wipe out the pan.


In a mixing bowl, butter one side of each slice of bread, stir together butter and shredded cheddar cheese, mix until both are well combined, spread cheese mixture on slices of bread, arrange the bread slices buttered side down on table or counter, spread mustard on the unbuttered side of bread slices, add monterey jack cheese over mustard. Put four slices of sausage on top of the Monterey jack cheese, add sliced cheese. Put two slices of bread together, tuck in any items that are sticking out of the bread.


Put sandwiches in a skillet, cover the pan, cook over medium heat for about 3 minutes per side, until sandwiches are a golden brown. Now, take the sandwiches off the stove and serve.


These grilled cheese sandwiches are so yummy and warm up a person’s heart and soul on a cold winter day. Hope you like them.



Make Cooking Easier On New Year’s Eve, Serve This Easy Appetizers


New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, which means it is time to figure out what delicious appetizers are going to be the hit of your New Year’s Eve party celebration. Thankfully, you can make cooking easier on this festive day by using these two easy appetizers.

Yummy Bacon Deviled Eggs


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24 hard boiled eggs

1 cup of mayo or salad dressing

2 Tablespoons of honey mustard

½ teaspoons of salt

½ teaspoons of pepper

8 slices of bacon, cook it until crisp, then crumble it

4 Tablespoons of sharp cheddar cheese, shredded


Cut eggs into halves, lengthwise, remove yolks, set white parts aside. Put yolks in a small mixing bowl. Use a fork and mash egg yolks, add honey mustard, mayo, salt and pepper. Gently mix in crumbled bacon.

Take the mixture and stuff the white parts of the eggs. Cover and place in fridge until it is time to serve them. You can keep these in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

chutney and brie

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Delicious Brie with Chutney


16 ounces of Brie cheese

10 Tablespoons of mango chutney

Crackers of your choice


Heat oven to 325 degrees F. Cut Brie into half in horizontal fashion, put bottom part of cheese in an over proof baking dish. Top the cheese with chutney, then place the top portion of cheese on top of the chutney, then spread remaining chutney on top of the cheese.

Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes uncovered – until the cheese becomes soft, but not runny. Serve on top of crackers.

For more yummy New Year’s Eve easy appetizers visit.

The Best Way To Broil Stone Crab Meat

The kind of crab meat you are planning to fix will determine which segment of the crustacean you will cook. The claws of Florida stone crabs are harvested and sold thus when fixing Florida stone crabs you will be fixing the claws of the crustacean. Florida stone crabs are known as a delicacy and loved by the masses. Stone crab claws can be purchased from a variety of places, but to ensure that you get fresh crab claws you should order them from a reputable stone crab claw distributor like Uberstonecrab. There are many methods to cook stone crabs, but one way that often gets forgotten is broiling the crab claw meat. Broiling stone crab claw meat is easy, plus it is a great way to keep the natural flavor locked into the claw meat.

broiled stone crab

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Broiling Stone Crab Meat


Crack open your stone crab claws, take out the meat that is located in the claws.

Put one layer of crab meat in a shallow baking dish.

Pour melted butter over top of your crab meat. Make sure to use enough butter to cover the entire pan of crab meat.

Toss butter and crab meat together, coating each crab claw thoroughly.

Re-arrange claws so their placed in one layer on your pan.

Put baking dish under broiler.

Broil for approximately three minutes, until crab meat is cooked to a light brown color.

Take crab meat out of broiler and serve.

Most people serve stone crab claws with a dipping sauce such as a high quality mustard or horseradish sauce. You can either fix your own dipping sauce or to save time order some delicious Seminole Foods online.

Three Extremely Healthy Foods That Your Kids Will Love

Many parents find that buying healthy foods is a cinch, but getting their children to eat them foods is a bit more difficult. For this reason, mealtimes can become frustrating and can make parents wonder if their children are getting all the nutrition that they need to grow up healthy and happy. If you find that your children won’t eat the healthy foods you buy, try these three foods that your children are sure to love.




Try Tofu, your kids might just love it.

Try Tofu, your kids might just love it.


You’re probably sitting in your chair laughing right about now, thinking my child is never going to eat Tofu. However, you just might be wrong. Your child might not be a fan of Tofu if it is served whole, but if you put it into a creamy smoothie or dessert and disguise it your children are sure to gobble it right up. Tofu is filled with goodies like calcium, iron, protein and B vitamins. These are all nutrients that children need when it comes to proper bone growth.





Think your children won’t like Hummus than you’re probably wrong. Hummus can be a very tasty treat for children, it is a heart-healthy dip that is made from beans. Of course, many kids will stick up their little noses if you say it is made from beans so maybe you should keep this little tidbit a secret. Hummus is packed with complex carbs, proteins and fiber, can you truly ask for a better snack for your children.




Mango juice is Super Delicious, your kids are sure to enjoy it.

Mango juice is Super Delicious, your kids are sure to enjoy it.


This lovely fruit will help your kid’s immune system stay strong and healthy. Matter of fact, only one simple cup of this amazing juice can provide a whole days worth of Vitamin C to your child. It also provides them with fiber and is good for their teeth.


































Tasty Bites to Help You Stay Skinny This Summer

Summer is here, time to get into those swimsuits thus if you want to look great when you slip into your swimsuit than watching what you eat is one sure fire to ensure that you will look like a million bucks. Here are some tasty eats that will help you look fabulous while you swim or just hang out at the beach.

Coleslaw Mix

Great treat for summer.

Great treat for summer.

Purchase bags of coleslaw mix so you can eat it for a quick treat during the day. These mixes are a great way to fit some extra veggies into your diet. For the coleslaw dressing find a non-fat yogurt dressing recipe by doing a little research online. Don’t think you have time to go searching for a healthy dressing? Don’t worry, it only takes just a few minutes to find a delicious healthy low fat dressing. In addition, you can cook the in olive oil a bag of coleslaw mix up, add some chicken or other protein and some rice to the mix and create a yummy stir-fry feast.


Quinoa is usually considered to be a whole grain, but in fact it is a seed that is used like whole grains. It has twice as much protein and twice as much fiber as brown rice. You can cook up a cup of Quinoa, add some carrots, onions or one of your personal favorite vegetable and presto, a meal that contains less than 300 calories.

Frozen grapes are so delicious.

Frozen grapes are so delicious.

Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes make the tastiest dessert, especially in summer. They are refreshing, sweet and many people say they taste a lot like sorbet. Another plus for eating frozen grapes is that since they are frozen they take longer to eat thus you can stretch out your snacking or dessert time, which will make your body feel as if it is getting more.


You can enhance a variety of meals by using vinegar. Matter of fact, you can add vinegar to olive oil, salt and pepper to make a scrumptious low calorie dressing for a salad. Another great way to use vinegar is to drizzle balsamic vinegar over vegetables to add more flavor thus create the ultimate vegetable side dish.

Squeeze these tasty treats into your diet and soon you will be heading out to the beach in your beautiful swimsuit. Of course, you might have to add some exercise into your regimen, too. However, the listed foods will definitely help you stay on track when it comes to eating the right foods to stay slim this summer.


Wisconsin Mom Wins Big Money In A Potato Chip Contest

 A Wisconsin mom won big money in a potato chip contest by using a family ritual of purchasing garlic bread at a local pizzeria. Her name is Karen Weber-Menham, a mother of three and part-time librarian in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin.

Karen won the Lay’s Potato Chip contest. She out did the other two finalists by submitting her garlic cheesy bread in Lay’s online voters-driven “Do us a Flavor” competition.

Karen says she came up with her garlic cheesy bread chip idea from taking her children out for pizza at a local pizzeria. They always order cheesy garlic bread while they want for their pizza order. Karen told that “They arm-wrestle over it!” and now they all love eating the flavor on chips.

Congratulations, to Karen Weber-Menham for winning the Lay's contest with these chips.

Congratulations, to Karen Weber-Menham for winning the Lay’s contest with these chips.

It seems the past few months have been a whirlwind for Karen, she even got to ring in the bell at the New York Stock Exchange earlier in the contest. In addition, before becoming one of the finalists, she had to bet out over 3.8 million other flavor submissions.

First a panel of food experts and chefs narrowed down the submissions, then Frito-Lay picked three flavors and put them in the stores over this past winter. At which time, between February and May people got to voter for their favorite on Facebook, Twitter and via Text.

Although, Karen wins 1 million dollars you can even increase her prize by purchasing Lay’s garlic cheesy bread potato chips. See, she either gets one million dollars or one percent of her flavor’s net sales in 2013, whichever is more. So, if you love chips you might as well help Karen and try out these new Lay’s flavored potato chips.

Check Out This Elegant Cocktail Party Drink

If you have never taken on the task of hosting a party in winter, then you should do so as soon as you can fit it in your schedule. It truly is so much fun to host a winter cocktail party. In addition, winter parties are a great way to share quality time with your family and friends. Start planning a winter party today by going out to the store and picking up the ingredients to make this delicious cocktail party drink.

This wonderful winter cocktail is called:

A refreshing winter Mojito Sparkler

The ingredients that you need are:

12 fresh mint leaves

3 ½- 4 jiggers of gold rum (2 to 3) ounces

2 teaspoons of lime juice

4 teaspoons of superfine sugar

Ice and Club Soda

Crush leaves into the bottom of a tall glass, Pour in rum, lime juice and sugar. Add ice and stir your creation up. Now, top it with your club soda. This recipe is designed for making two drinks. Hope you enjoy it.

Talking About Food Blogs This One Takes The Cake

In the past few months, I have been reviewing a few different food blogs because I love to learn new and exciting food material that is useful in my everyday life. Well, I would like to tell you that I have visited some blogs that were pretty depressing, but I have found many others that offer all the right food related material that I am looking for within a blog. Matter of fact, this one that I want to tell you about now is positively amazing, it surely takes the cake.

This blog is called The Pioneer Woman. It is managed by a lovely lady named Ree Drummond. She attended college in California, then got a very good job, afterwards. Her job allowed her to eat sushi and treat herself to semi-regular pedicures. However, on a visit back to her hometown she fell in love with a real cowboy thus now she lives in the middle of nowhere and loves it. She writes daily in her food blog about her long transition of being a spoiled city girl to a domestic country wife and mother. I believe she does a really good job showing her readers how she made such a transition.

In addition, this food blog has a number of great qualities including a cooking, photography, home & garden and a homeschooling page. Of course, my favorite page is the cooking one, but the homeschooling section ranks right up close to being the number one part that I love to read.

I believe you all will be happy with everything that you find in this interesting food blog. Surely, give it a try. I know you will be thanking me for guiding you to this amazing place. Happy Eating and Have a Great Day.